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Property Development Services. The easy way to invest.

Property Development Services. The easy way to invest.

Sit back and relax. From start to finish, we do EVERYTHING for you.

If you’re serious about residential property investment but have no idea where to start, you’re in the right place. Property development can be a daunting task. Even simply sourcing a property can be time-consuming and frustrating. If you’re time-poor we’ll do all the hard work and nitty gritty for you. Consider us your personal property development consultants!

As residential property development specialists, we follow our very own “Five Steps to Success” and undertake each step with expert knowledge and experience on our side. Our property development services are second to none.

1. Source

We source the property that has the best development potential and is within budget. Whether it’s a scarce block of land in a sought after inner-city enclave or a block of run down units on the beach, if it has development potential Malyshka will find it. The process can sometimes take weeks of research using our extensive network of real estate agents, brokers and industry contacts.

2. Assess

To ensure we stand by our near 0% risk policy, we follow strict assessment guidelines. These include preliminary feasability studies, market research, resale values in the area and other factors (historical and future market trend analysis) that could impact on profitability. Our complex financial formulas developed by our Managing Director, Grant Muddle, ensure our buying decisions are based on financial facts not opinions or emotions. Regardless of how good a deal seems, if the figures don’t add up, we’ll keep searching. Note however, the final decision to purchase is entirely up to you. We offer facts for you to make an informed decision.

3. Acquire

Malyshka Properties can help you secure finance by referring you to our network of brokers who appreciate the development process and the challenges this can bring to the table. We can also find suitable financial partners for you to join forces with. This is a great way of getting into property development when you’ve only a small amount of money to invest initially. NOTE: We cannot guarantee you loan approval.  The final decision is made by the lending institutions based on your personal circumstances, however, you will be more successful with the help of our experience in obtaining property development financing broker.

4. Manage

Once the property is purchased the real fun begins! Our aim is to manage the whole process for you on time and through every stage of the development.

  • Co-ordination of consultants during the preparation of the development application.
  • Preparation of the development application and submission to the local authority
  • Liaise / negotiate with the Council regarding development approval issues and final conditions of approval
  • Liaise with council, consultants & contractors post approval to ensure all necessary operational works approvals/ permits and construction tenders are obtained
  • Commission all works and obtain final clearances for all operational works and services connections.
  • Securing Fixed Price contracts

Due to the current construction boom in Queensland and now the race to the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast,  finding a quality builder in this boom area is difficult. We’ve been fortunate enough to secure quality builders and tradespeople at affordable rates.

Apart from sourcing a builder we also supervise all construction work using licensed supervisors. During construction we will keep you updated regularly via reports and photographs of your development via the property’s online website.

5. Market

Malyshka adopts an online marketing strategy with the belief that the days of the ridiculously expensive glossy brochure (that gathers dust on a real estate agent’s desk or ends up being binned by 90% of prospects) are long gone. We create SEO-optimised websites for each project that can be found online by potential buyers. We can also create email and social media marketing campaigns. We find this to be more cost-effective and a far better way of tracking our marketing efforts. We can update prospects via email alerts at any point during the project.

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