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Development Feasibility Calculator – Malyshka’s Feasibility Calculator for iPad

Introducing Malyshka’s Development Feasibility Calculator App: The no-stress number-crunching app for serious property developers

  •  Avoid costly mistakes
  • Make critical decisions quicker than your competitors
  • Say goodbye to messy, inaccurate spreadsheets

It’s here!

Malyshka’s first release of the much-anticipated Feasability App has been rolled out and is available HERE for instant download.

So what is it?

Looking for development feasibility software? Malyshka’s Feasibility  Calculator App is an industry standard software tool for developers and valuers for investigating the financial feasibility of undertaking property development projects.  The App has been specifically designed for Ipads.

 What does it do, exactly?

It’s like one big property development calculator.

Punch in your input figures and the app instantly spits out figures you can use to make quality decisions on property developments.  It takes into account critical factors that make a big dollar difference to your property development projects.

It calculates key investment performance indicators such as: Profit, Cost per Dwelling, Margin on Developer Cost, Return on Invested Equity – it quickly tells you whether a project is a “GO” or “NO GO”.

 Why should I buy it?

No matter how experienced you are as a developer, one thing is certain. Getting your figures right is vital to your project. One tiny miscalculation could mean thousands lost.

The biggest mistakes made by developers are more often than not of the financial kind. And they’re all avoidable with accurate number crunching.

No more wasting time sweating away on spreadsheets or umming and ahhing over a development decision skewed by ‘this is a sure thing’ gut feel. The facts are the facts. The app will tell you instantly if you’re onto a good thing…or not.

Easy to use. Perfect for first-time property developers.

Give complex, hard to understand spreadsheet formulas the flick. Just add your input data via the simple and clean screen interface and let the app do all the painful calculation work for you.

Where can I download it?

Malyshka Pty Ltd is an Australian property development specialist. Malyshka source lucrative development opportunities, assess financial potential and manage projects.



For enquiries, contact Managing Director, Grant Muddle on +61 419 846 799 or

“…the Feasibility App is part of achieving long-term financial security. Investing in the Feasibility App is investing in your prosperity. It’s the perfect complement to your relationship with your investment advisor. It makes growing your real estate development investment simpler and more lucrative.”