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About Malyshka

About Malyshka

Residential property developers with a difference.

Malyshka Pty Ltd is an Australian property development specialist with a strong focus on the booming area of South East Queensland (SEQ). With experience and expertise on our side, we source lucrative development opportunities for astute investors, carefully assess financial potential and manage entire projects.

In short, we make you money.

We aim for 0% risk. No ‘cowboy’ tactics.

Our tried and tested financial formula ensures there is near 0% financial risk. We follow strict guidelines and refuse to undertake risky investments no matter how attractive a development may seem initially. Our financial return predictions are generally spot on. Of course, market fluctuations can affect predicted return. To counter this possibility we only pounce on opportunities that are rock solid.

The final decision is always yours. You are in control.

Rest assured, you won’t be railroaded into a decision. After our final assessment YOU make the final decision to purchase. Malyshka Properties are here to guide you, but the final decision is always yours.

Why South East Queensland? It’s a no-brainer.

Even before the announcement of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in 2018, this region has always been Australia’s fastest growing. By 2031 it is predicted the population will rise from 2.8 million to 4.4 million. $124 billion worth of development is planned in both the immediate and not-too-distant future. This is estimated to create more than 900,000 jobs by 2026. With more than 1000 people moving into the region each week, there is a severe shortage of housing.

In order to supply this demand, an additional 735,500 dwellings are needed to be built. Malyshka will show you how to profit from this huge market demand.

Enjoy stress-free property development. See only dollars at the end.

Embarking on your first property development project is exciting BUT can carry great financial risk with many unknowns – far more responsibility and stress than what you may have taken on in the past.

The numbers are bigger and due to the scope of larger property development projects things can go wrong if your knowledge base and experience is limited.  The pay off, however, is the financial rewards are significant if you get it right.

Malyshka helps you get it right the first time without stressful, financially debilitating mistakes. We don’t cut corners – we just know the roads a little better than most.

Our fees. How much is peace of mind worth to you?

Malyshka Properties fee structure is designed to show our commitment to you and the projects we recommend.  We charge a small upfront fee to cover initial project ‘ramp-up’ costs, and a percentage of profit on the successful completion of the project.  Read more about our fees HERE…

Our team. Your investment in safe hands.

You can’t afford to skimp on experience and knowledge when it comes to managing a development. We have selected an experienced team of professionals. From initial assessment to the final coat of paint, Malyshka coordinates a talented team of property development experts ensuring 100% quality.

Read about our team leaders HERE…