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Property Development Partnerships

Property Development Partnerships

All for one; One for All: How quality partnerships can overcome property development hurdles and road blocks.

Malyshka helps you create strategic partnerships to suit your specific financial situation.

  • Are you holding onto land that has amazing development potential but you’ve no time or expertise to capitalise on the investment?
  • OR maybe you’re already knee deep in a present project that’s bleeding your bank balance dry but can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel
  • OR are you a net profit investor chasing a lucrative cash profit or quality investment properties.

Regardless of your investment goals and present situation, Malyshka will work with you to make you money through property development.Sit back and relax. We do all the hard work. All you need do is have the Cuban cigar box ready to celebrate your financial success:)

Here’s some of the mutually rewarding partnerships we can arrange to ensure everyone wins…

Syndicate Project Partnership

This is perfect for investors who are in a hurry to make dollars but aren’t quite up to speed either in finances or knowledge.

We pair you with perfect partners who have the same ultimate goal as you. Together, you can grow your wealth faster.

As a syndicate partner, you’ll share in the assets, knowledge and profits. We find partnering individuals with different knowledge bases works very positively. For instance, we find a professional builder who is both investor and builder. Due to the syndicate partnership and hence financial investment, the builder has a high level of interest in the project and ensures speed and efficiency in its completion. Due to a vast knowledge base he/she can ensure few or no costly building variations.

An example project…

An example scenario would be a block of 5 town houses like Eugaree Street. The development has 5 investor shares. You own one townhouse and are buying it at a wholesale price. Developing in this way means far less risk for the individual – you all share the financial responsibility BUT each partner gains immense leverage and benefits through the partnership by increasing opportunities and knowledge. It also reduces the overall costs of the project and means you can start building your financial success far earlier and quicker than if you were starting the journey on your own.

Malyshka assigns a professional project manager who oversees the entire development. This person remains neutral in opinions and ensures the prevention of opposition.

The Benefits:-

  • Increase profits by investing in a larger, more lucrative investment,
  • extend or begin your portfolio
  • reduce overall costs of project
  • reduce risk
  • Starting building your property portfolio earlier than you thought possible


Malyshka makes it easy to  join a Syndicate Project. Contact Us to organise a no obligation personal chat with our MD – Grant Muddle. We’re here to help you build your financial success much quicker than what it would take you to do it on your own.

Joint Venture

Maybe you’re sitting on a property that you know has huge development potential but you simply don’t know the best way forward to capitalise on your initial smart purchase.

You can see the $$$$$ but can’t decide on the best way forward.

So you decide to sell to a property developer. STOP!

You’re about to give your potential profit away to a property developer instead of reaping the rewards yourself.

It sounds crazy, but we see it all the time – smart, savvy property owners lacking either time, money or experience GIVING AWAY a beautiful opportunity to grow their own personal wealth.

Don’t let this be you! You’ve been smart enough to see the potential of a property. With Malyshka’s help you can also be smart enough to develop the property and make lucrative profit gains.

At Malyshka we’ve devised  a system whereby the property owner supplies the property, and we supply the time, expertise and arrange the money to complete the project. It’s a win-win for both parties.

Depending on the project and the joint partnership arrangement, there are two standard models we adopt.

  1. A pure joint venture and;
  2. a profit share arrangement.

The benefits of joint venture/ profit sharing…

  • No Real Estate Agents Fees : You deal direct with Malyshka Properties
  • Security : The land stays in your name – there is no transfer of title.
  • Fully Funded : We source the development funding and depending on which model is adopted we can also borrow the funds and guarantee the loan ourselves.
  • Expertise : The project will be managed by an expert with 28 years experience and over $200 million of past development success.
  • Reporting : You are part of the development team so you will get constant updates on progress.
  • Profit : Most importantly you get to extract from the project your land value plus a healthy share of the development profit.
  • Flexibility :You have the opportunity of taking your profit in cash or holding completed product obtained at developer’s cost as a long term investment.

What sort of property is Malyshka intestested in? What shows great potential?

Malyshka’s preferred site criteria…

  • Land size from 1/4 acres to 5.0 acres.
  • With or without development approval.
  • Urban or residential zoning or on the fringe.
  • Suitable for land subdivision, townhouses or retirement.
  • Flat to slightly undulating topography.
  • Access to services (water, sewerage, power).
  • Little to no debt on the site.

If this sounds like your property it sounds like you should be talking to Malyshka! Contact us now to arrange a confidential, NO OBLIGATION friendly chat with our MD – Grant Muddle.