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Why Use Malyshka? We make you money!

Why Use Malyshka? We make you money!

If you’ve done your research you’ll know that property development is a proven and tax effective wealth creation strategy.

Property is one of the smartest and safest ways to invest your money. Whether you’re a young couple or about to retire you’ll benefit greatly from investing in the rock-solid opportunities that are unearthed by Malyshka’s team.

The rich get richer because their investments are smarter – not for any other reason.  The majority of their wealth is created in property.

“BRW Rich 200 Members have often turned to the property sector – and become substantially richer.” ~ Business Review Weekly 31 July 2008

There is no reason why you cannot achieve the same results through your own investment in property development.

We share our property development secrets. You’ll learn valuable stuff.

What is not generally known is that rich Australians who invest successfully in property development are consistently generating safe and higher than average returns by accumulating properties at wholesale via property development.

Malyshka will share smart secrets like this and, more importantly, show you how we put this knowledge into real step by step action.

Knowledge is power. You’ll get loads of it with Malyshka.

We get you a better ROI. Faster. Without stress.

There’s no cutting corners. But we definitely know the road better than most. Malyshka property developments give you the ability to grow wealth safely as well as achieve a greater return on investment (ROI). You’ll reach your financial goals much faster than any other wealth creation strategy. You’ll also stay completely sane and stress-free throughout the process.

Below is an illustration of the cost savings of acquiring property as a developer at cost price, as opposed to acquiring property as an investor at retail price. As a real life example these are the figures for 1 townhouse in a 5 townhouse project in Toowoomba.

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* These numbers are based on a project showing a return of 28% on costs.

As you can see, if you were the developer you would have acquired your own investment property $107,500 cheaper than a regular retail investor. A basic duplex – two townhouse – project would save you $215,000.

So why use Malyshka?  Because we’re residential property development specialists and property development as a wealth creation strategy is a no-brainer. CONTACT US TODAY or SIGN UP FOR OUR OPPORTUNITY ALERTS.