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Small Residential Developments are our Expertise

Small Residential Developments are our Expertise

Malyshka focuses specifically on small residential developments – generally duplexes and apartment or townhouse blocks with up to 10 dwellings. They offer incredible wealth-building opportunities for small property investors minus the large amounts of finance and hence risk required by large scale developments.

In particular, small residential developments allow mum and dad investors and single female investors to start growing their personal wealth instead of relying solely on superannuation.

Development Options for small residential property

There’s numerous options available for small residential developments. With the trend toward more high density living the development opportunities include splitter blocks, sliders, small subdivisions, duplexes, triplexes, townhouses, boutique apartments and small mixed use developments. There’s always a strong market for this sort of development.

Malyshka specialises in helping small investors get a strong handle on their own financial future through small residential developments. It’s what we do best.