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Malyshka’s Property Development Team

Malyshka’s Property Development Team

Experience. Expertise. Industry Contacts. Financial Acumen.  These are Malyshka’s four key criteria for assessing eligibility as a Malyshka team member.

Using these criteria, we have assembled a team of experts with extensive experience in the Residential Property Development arena. In addition, it is important to us to find professionals who are, or were (past or present), personally involved in large scale property development projects – and thus appreciate the service levels expected of our astute investors.

Property development team:

Managing Director – Grant R. Muddle

Grant brings with him development experience as well as a passion to help investors make the transition from investor to developer with ease.

Grant started his career in the hospitality industry; where he learned the importance of using space to its fullest. From there he moved on to one of Australia’s leading aged care providers, where among his areas of responsibility were advising the layout of facilities and project managing various programs.

Whilst Grant has a Bachelor of Accounting and an MBA in Strategic Management a lot of his knowledge has also been gained from associating with successful entrepreneurs.

It was being around these like minded entrepreneurs that Grant came to the realisation that the majority of the worlds wealthy had made their money via the real estate vehicle.

With his background in finance, Grant set himself on a journey to learn more about the workings of real estate and attended as many property seminars as possible.

While many did not offer anything new one lesson he did learn was that most successful investors researched their material thoroughly and were able to make quick decisions based on their investigations.

He also realised that when it came to property most successful investors were involved in finding opportunities where they could add value and profit.

This led Grant on to the development path where he acquired properties with development potential. In 2002 Grant bought a block of land in Bundaberg, Qld at a 20% discount to valuation and went through the process of getting a DA approved for a luxury duplex, he later on sold the site for a 80% profit in 18 months. This was his first hands on exposure to developments and he has never looked back.

A perspective of this development is proudly hanging in his home.

Grant recently decided to provide his own unique service in helping investors with property development. His first task was to assemble the finest team of professionals. Herein lies the birth of Malyshka.