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Common Property Development Pitfalls. Don’t be a statistic!

Common Property Development Pitfalls. Don’t be a statistic!

Traditionally, with investment comes risk. It’s no wonder so many of us shy away from investing. Using equity or using life savings can seem a risk not worth taking. That’s completely understandable. But if you’re careful and have secured sound advice from a professional your risk can be reduced to ZERO!

Our aim at Malyshka Properties is to help you avoid some of the common mistakes made when investing in small residential development sites.

  • Not having a mentor
  • Paying too much for a site
  • Poor Due Diligence
  • Council knock backs
  • Lack of knowledge and expertise
  • Bad budgeting
  • Construction cost blowouts
  • Delays
  • Under capitalized
  • Incorrect Taxation structure

At Malyshka we minimise these risks by conducting a thorough analysis of each project. You make the final decision to go ahead with the purchase once we have completed this study. Our solid financial analysis ensures there is 0% risk. With this approach you have to be prepared to walk away from many properties until the right property comes up.

Remember if the numbers do not work, we will walk away from the deal and look for another.

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