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Malyshka’s in the News! Read the latest – Toowoomba Chronicle

Malyshka’s in the News! Read the latest – Toowoomba Chronicle

Here’s an excerpt from a recent article in the Toowoomba Chronicle about Malyshka’s exciting Property Development in Toowoomba…

As he looks over an empty block in Middle Ridge, property developer Grant Muddle sees a world of opportunity.

A surge in homebuyers looking to mix inner-city living with suburban comfort has driven him to build a nine-townhouse, gated community at 446 Hume St.

“The idea is to get together small-time investors and developers to get into this project at near cost price,” the managing director of Malyshka Homes said.

He said equivalent townhouses were valued at $400,000, but early-bird investors would only inject $325,000 into the homes. Similar developments are under way across Queensland, with figures showing townhouse rentals have increased by more than 80% in a decade.

Mr Muddle said Toowoomba was perfectly poised for a property boom.

“Our research has indicated the region is to be the next hot spot, booming and blooming over the next three years,” he said.
“Toowoomba is at about 7 o’clock on the property clock — it’s past the bottom and is entering an upswing. Demand is already greater than supply.”
To see the Malyshka Hume investment strategy, go to


Read more about the Toowoomba Hume Street property development…

Property Development News - Toowoomba - Malyshka Article for Hume Development

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